I am Jules Antoine, 1 of the top-performing Avon reps in the UK.  

Avon built its business selling perfumes in the real world.  Perfumes sell because they smell nice and I have not forgotten that people cannot smell perfumes on a screen, however, they can quickly and easily re-order their favourite perfume online, so I recognise that the digital world also has a place in Avon.

Based in Denton, Manchester my aim is to make Avon products accessible to everyone and introduce the Avon UK earnings opportunity to people who need an income stream that they are in control of and who are prepared to work to build their business to the level they want.

I have a small door to door round in Denton but I am primarily an online representative, so customers order Avon online from my Avon shop and their orders are dispatched directly to them by Avon within 3-5 working days.  Orders over £20 are delivered free. 

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Julian's Story

I met Louise in November 2015.  At the time I was working as a Network Support Worker, supporting Adults with Challenging Behaviour.  I had heard of Avon as I had a friend who used to sell it at work and I had bought some of the products as a customer.  I thought Avon was for women and I had never once considered joining myself. 
In March 2016 I moved in with Louise and I began to see how much she was selling so I thought I'd give it a try myself. I wanted to sell online like she did but didn't have any capital to invest so reluctantly I started out the traditional way selling to colleagues at work from the brochure and prospecting door to door. I must admit I did feel a bit silly being a bloke selling Avon but my customers soon got used to me.  I couldn't believe the amount of Avon you girls order so within a year I had enough to buy my first lot of stock.
Unlike Louise I didn't start out selling on eBay, I went straight to Amazon. The idea was that I would get Amazon to fulfil all my orders so I wouldn't have any stock to store as it would have all been sent off to them.  I was shocked at how quickly my business grew.  I made my first sale on Amazon on March 28th, 2017 and on October 6th 2017, I resigned from my full time job as I had replaced my income and more besides.
I now start my day when I feel like it. I sometimes work in my dressing gown.  There's no bus to catch and no child care arrangements to consider as I can juggle my work life around my other commitments. This year I have won the Avon Top performers holiday to Lisbon which takes place in May 2018.



Ruskin Ave, Denton, Manchester M34 2FE, UK

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