Absolutely.  That is what we both have done. With hard work and determination it is entirely possible to earn a full-time income from Avon. There are various ways it can be achieved including Sales Leadership, selling online and even just selling door to door. It won't happen overnight, and it does require commitment but we are here to support you every step of the way. 


Find out more about starting your own Avon Business. What's involved, initial steps, the costs of joining, etc... if you have more questions please contact me

Does it cost anything to Join Avon?

No. After your first campaign if your total order is over £90 the standard discount level is 20% and above £170 the standard discount is 25%. In your first campaign though your discount is fixed at 20% and everything over £1 counts. Whatever, discount you have earned in your first campaign, that discount will carry forward into the next campaign so in the 2nd campaign you get the higher of the discount carried over or your actual sales whichever is greater.  Therefore, if your first order was for £100 you would earn £20 guaranteed in your first campaign and that 20% discount level would carry over to your second campaign, however if your second campaign total order was £200 then you would earn 25% discount and that would then carry forward to your third campaign. Now if in your third campaign if for whatever reason your sales dropped and you only achieved £150 in sales you would still receive 25% as your earnings because your discount is protected for one campaign. Then in your 4th campaign you would be guaranteed to receive at least 20% but this would rise to 25% if you hit the £160 again. N.B. After your first campaign you must sell at least £30 to qualify for any discount. 

We would prefer you to and so would Avon. Your customers would also like to see each and every brochure because offers change every campaign and new products are launched in each brochure.  That said, we recognise that life sometimes gets in the way so there is some flexibility built in, but if you didn't place an order for a full year your account would automatically be removed and you would need to start over. A campaign lasts 3 weeks so this should give plenty of flexibility to cover emergencies, etc.

How do customers pay me?

Generally, cash on delivery, but you could (if you wanted) accept Paypal, Bank transfer or cheque payable to you. You could also sign up for a mobile card machine service if you wanted to but that is optional. Always make sure you have your money before releasing the order, so if you accept a cheque make sure it is cleared (or backed by a cheque guarantee card). If a customer orders through your online store for direct delivery by Avon then the customer pays Avon using their Bank card and you are then given the discount as a credit to your Avon account. 

When do I place my order?
You can place your order whenever you want before the date and time displayed on your Avon representative website. You can place more than one order if you want to. Your first order in each campaign is delivered free of charge (provided it is over £30) and each subsequent order is delivered for £1.50. All orders made within the same campaign count towards your overall discount. We would recommend NOT leaving it until the last day of the campaign to place your order as the workload is always heavy then and it can lead to delays. 

No problem. Avon offer a 28 day guarantee, so a customer has 28 days to change their mind and receive a refund, whether they have opened the product or not. As a rep you have 28 days plus a couple of weeks extra to get the products back to Avon so if a customer doesn't pay you would just return them to Avon. N.B. You would lose your earnings on that particular customer order but you would keep the discount on the other orders in that campaign so you would not be out of pocket. 

Do Avon give you any "perks" as a representative?

Avon offer several incentives to representatives. They offer discounted products in a brochure called First Look, which is exclusively for representatives, and discounted products online every campaign.  They run special promotions throughout the year where you can win prizes and they have a rewards programme called Presidents club where you would receive prizes and access to further discounts and events as you move through each level. If you're really good you could win a holiday like we have.

Are there any other incentives?

Yes but this one is exclusive to representatives who join our team here at BeautyRepOnline. We run the Rising Stars Incentive Programme where you can win a short break for 2 people. Full details can be found by clicking the menu item at the top of the page.

Simple.  Click the Join Avon button.  We would contact you by phone or Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger to answer any further questions, then we would video call you just t check your photo ID and proof of address and allocate your account number. From there we'll help you register and direct you to the online training. 

Not at the outset. You do need a kit to get started. The basic kit is £15 and includes all the paperwork and stationary items that are essential to get going, however for £15 more you can get a kit which includes some of the top selling Avon products for you to demonstrate. From there there are two other kits which are priced at £90 and £160 respectively. They contain more of the top selling Avon products and are ideal for those people who want to sell Avon at parties or fairs (or simply want to try all the Avon products themselves).  The kits are ordered at the same time you join and are sent to you via express courier within 2 working days.  The box will include an invoice for the kit which you pay within 13 days of the invoice date, so there is no upfront cost. If you find after the first few days that Avon is not for you, you can return the complete unused kit and pay nothing.  So you really have got nothing to lose by joining Avon.

How soon can I start?

If you have Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or Skype, photo ID and proof of address, we can go through everything online and you can join immediately. Alternatively if you don't have those facilities, need more time to think and live in the Manchester area we can visit you and go through everything face to face. Once you have decided it literally takes a few minutes to set up your account with Avon and have you up and running.

How much money do you make from selling Avon?

Again this is up to you. Avon give you a discount on the brochure prices and the level of discount varies depending on how much you sell. Your earnings are the difference between the brochure price and the discounted amount that Avon have charged you.  Put simply, the more you sell the more you earn. In your first campaign you will earn a guaranteed 20% on everything you sell over £1 so you start earning from the first product you sell. The discount starts at 20% of the brochure price and rises to 25% depending on your level of sales going forward. There are ways of earning more which we would show you if you decide to go ahead and join.

Is there a minimum amount I have to sell?

Do I have to work territory?

It's up to you. You can just sell to family, friends and work colleagues if you prefer. You also have the option to be an online only rep where you don't have to show a paper brochure to anyone nor make any deliveries in person.  All your orders would come through your online store for direct delivery by Avon. Avon would then pay you by Bank transfer. However, if you want to work streets then you can.  There are no territory restrictions, so you can go wherever you want, however, there is a code of conduct which you must follow and there is a special flyer which can be printed off the Avon website.  There will be plenty of homes that don't already have a representative so keep posting books until you find someone. 

I only want to make a bit of extra money for a special event.  Can I still join through you?

Yes. Avon is really flexible.  You can do as much or as little as you want and you can work when you want so you can fit it around your lifestyle or your other jobs.

Do I have to place an order every campaign (brochure)?


What if the customer doesn't pay or isn't happy with their order?

How do I go about joining?


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