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Hi, I'm Jules. I was first introduced to Avon by my wife in 2016, who was already a top-performing rep with Avon.  She taught me the system which had provided her with a full-time income for 5 years before I met her.  A secret only known by a few of the top reps and enabled me to become a top 50 rep winning 4 holidays with Avon. 

On that journey, I met other top-performing reps who had also discovered the secret of making a full-time income from Avon.  I no longer run a team with Avon as I have a side business with Essens which I think is a better opportunity for those looking to earn serious income, but if it's Avon you want, then click join now below and I will put you in touch with one of the other top performing Avon reps who will show you the exact method they used to become on of the top performers in the UK.

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My Story

At the time of joining Avon I was working full-time as a care worker for our local council, and as such was subject to a local government pay freeze.  The bills were going up but my earnings weren't so I needed extra income.  I was attracted by the flexibility to work around my other job along with the potential to earn unlimited earnings so I joined. 

When I started I followed the same system my wife has used to build her highly successful business and I'm willing to share this system with anyone who joins my Avon team. Within a few months, my earnings skyrocketed and in October 2017 I quit my full-time job to do Avon full-time. 

In the same year, I won my first Avon top 50 holiday to Lisbon which took place in May 2018 and was the first of many. I have since been to Croatia and I won holidays to Barcelona and Mauritius which unfortunately could not take place owing to the pandemic but this year I will be going to Canada as restrictions have been lifted. 

I truly believe that you can build an Avon business totally online, because I've done it, but I do also have a good number of door to door customers in my local area. Not only do I enjoy being my own boss but I also love meeting new people and building my social network. 

Become an Avon representative in my team and I will support and coach you to become as successful as I have become. 

How to become an Avon Representative

Joining Avon is easy. You can become an Avon rep within 48 hours. Simply apply for Avon online and we will contact you within 24 hours to talk you through how Avon works, to check your ID and get you started. 

We don't even need to visit you in your home as you can now join Avon online and we check your ID using a video call either on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, skype or any other video calling app. Don't worry we don't need to conduct the entire call using video we can just check it's you and then return to audio calling. So you can literally become a rep from home without ever leaving your house. 

Once accepted your account will be open straight away and you'll be able to choose your starter kit. We can then guide you through setting up your shop and you'll have your very own website at  You can choose your own shop name so have a think about what you would like to call your shop so we can get you up and running as soon as possible. 

We will show you how to send out the Avon digital brochure and have you earning within minutes. Please note that at the present time you can only become an Avon representative if you live in the UK through us.  

Join Avon

For more information and frequently asked questions about joining Avon click the Join Avon button below.

If you have any specific questions I will be happy to help


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