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Shop for your Avon and other cosmetic  Brands through our eBay or Amazon stores

Usually, you'll be able to find the best bargains through our Official Avon Store, however, sometimes it makes sense to shop around to see if you can find the same products cheaper. 

We have been trading on eBay and Amazon through our sister company, The Ding Dong Bazaar Ltd since 2010 and 2012 respectively and hold top-rated seller status on both platforms. Here's some of the reasons why you might choose to shop there instead of through our official Avon store? 

  • The products are sometimes cheaper.  We buy our stock in quantity when Avon have special offers and pass the savings onto you when the products are no longer on offer through Avon. 

  • You may only want one of something e.g. one lipstick, or one mascara by the time you've added £3.50 shipping costs to your order through the Official Avon Store, which works out one very expensive mascara or lipstick.  We offer free shipping through our Amazon & eBay stores so you pay the price you see. 

  • You may want something quickly. We offer same-day shipping when buying before midday and although we use 2nd class post that means you'll usually have your order in a couple of days. We also have an expedited shipping option for a small extra charge (usually 80p) on most of our items. Avon charge £5.50 for express delivery which still takes up to 48 hours. 

  •  You may be able to buy your favourite products that Avon have discontinued.  We buy all our stock directly from Avon in quantity so when Avon discontinue a product we usually have it available for longer. 

  • You are fully-protected by eBays and Amazons Buyer protection schemes. These are in addition to distance selling regulations which require us to accept returns up to 30 days after purchase. We fully comply with all regulations and laws. 

  • You can still buy Avon and the other brands we sell even if you live overseas. We dispatch all over the world, whereas you can only buy through the Official Avon store if you reside within the UK. Through eBay we list directly onto eBay Australia, USA, Canada and some eBay European sites, Through Amazon we list onto Amazon France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands. Please check out the buttons at the bottom to buy from those sites. 

So in summary shopping through our eBay or Amazon stores could save you money or help you to get a product quicker or get your hands on one you would otherwise be unable to obtain, whilst being confident that you're dealing with a legitimate company backed by two of the biggest organisations in the world. 

N.B. The Ding Dong Bazaar Ltd is an independently owned private company and has no direct relationship with Avon Cosmetics or any of the other brands we supply. All our products are purchased directly from official third party wholesalers.