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148 days until Christmas

Whilst most people look forward to spending time with family on Xmas day and watching their children's faces as they open presents from under the tree, there is no doubt that year on year it is becoming more and more expensive to celebrate Christmas in style.

A lot of people need extra cash in the run up to Xmas and Avon is an ideal opportunity to earn that extra cash.

How it works

With Avon it is really simple to earn money. You show people books, they fill in their order form, you submit their orders to Avon. Avon send you the products along with an invoice which is discounted by up to 25%, you deliver your customers orders and collect the money. You pay Avon the discounted price and keep the rest. Simples! Is there a better way to fund Xmas?...we think not...but you have 148 days to find one :)

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