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Liquid Lip Lacquer on trial

So today I thought I would give the new Liquid Lip Lacquer, launched in Brochure 16, a try.

I applied it with a brush and it is quite thick and sticky to apply. Once it's on the lips though it feels like a normal lipstick. Not dry at all.

I am wearing the Shine version in Nudeitude. I was expecting a bit more shine but then I didn't really apply a lot,

so I went back and applied more but I still haven't got the "vinyl" look Avon claim. Maybe you need to use the applicator supplied with the bottle.

After second apllication

Avon also claims it lasts for hours and that it never feathers or bleeds. Well it will certainly get a good test on my lips because there's plenty of lines for it to bleed into. Not as many as I had before I started using Anew Infinite Effects of course. (check out my earlier pics). I've had it on an hour now and it hasn't bled.

The ultimate test is eating and drinking of course. So one bag of crisps and a cup of tea later, I can truthfully say it is still there. Transfer resistant, though, it is not. There's some on my cup although probably not as much as there would be with a normal lipstick.

So my first observations are that the shine isn't as shiny as it could be but certainly no worse than any other lipstick, and it does do what it says as far as staying power goes but I won't be kissing Julian with it on...he loves Avon and he loves me but not enough to wear Liquid Lip Lacquer himself.


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