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Discover Avon's enticing new range of fragrances

Avon have just launched a new fragrance line called Eve Discovery.

The collection is backed by the famous Hollywood actress Eva Mendes and is made up of three different fragrances, Eve Elegance (Pomegranate, jasmine petals and amber-wood), Eve Alluring (Pink Plum, neroli and sandalwood) and Eve Confidence (Blackcurrant, frangipani and oak-wood).

Mendes says “I want the fragrance I wear to reflect every aspect of me”.

To celebrate the launch Avon are giving away a free gift worth £24 with every bottle of perfume purchased at £14. The gift comprises matching body lotion and purse spray, Nutra-effects Hydration Day & Night creams and a bottle of Planet Spa Relaxing Provence Spa Bath Milk presented in a branded gift bag.

To order the perfume just visit our Buy Avon Products page now.

To enter the competition to win one of the perfumes from the Eve Discovery range along with the free gift (total prize value £38) just visit our competition page and answer the question for a chance to win.

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