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How to earn money for very little work

Avon have just launched a trial on a new social media scheduler specifically designed for Avon reps and Sales Leaders. It is currently being trialed in the UK by a select few representatives and if it is a success it will be rolled out to the whole of the Avon nation after 4 campaigns.

What is it?

It enables you to schedule content to be posted to all your social accounts in one go. So you can write a message for your Facebook page and you can schedule it to post later in the day, the following day or later in the week, whenever you feel it will have the most impact.

You can also schedule the same message to be posted to your Twitter account, Linked in, Google business, Pinterest or Instagram accounts at the same time or schedule them for later.

To get you started Avon has some pre-designed messages that you can just schedule and share. All you need to do is add your store, if they haven't already done that (which is a one click operation as they have a button for that).

I've been using it over a week now and although I can't attribute it to this (I'm also advertising on Google Adwords and Bing ads which I started around the same time as Avon launched this), I have had 9 orders through my store for Direct delivery totalling £198.55. That's in less than 2 weeks.

As I say I can't attribute it directly to Avon Social but that's almost £200 worth of orders in just under 2 weeks that...I was going to say... I haven't had to lift a finger for, but that is literally all I've done. Lifted a finger or two. I haven't had to post brochures for those DAC orders, I haven't had to key on orders, I haven't had to get wet collecting books, I haven't had to pack up customer orders and deliver them to the customers. Avon have done all that. I haven't even had to pay Avon for those orders. Avon have paid me.

If you're already a rep, on mailplan K, and want to join Avon social just check your email dated 25th May and get your log in details. It's completely free to sign up. It's only Mailplan K at the moment but if that is a success it will be rolled out to the rest of the Avon World after 4 campaigns.

If you're an existing member of our team and want to know more about advertising your Avon store on Google Adwords or Bing Ads give me a shout. My phone number is below.

If you want to join Avon and want all the low-down about selling Avon online, give me a call on 07872 176429 or go to my recruitment page

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