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How long until your holiday?

Is your next holiday in the Sun imminent? and is it another few days until payday? To help you out. Avon have just announced another exclusive 3 day delivery offer. Order £20 or more of products between now and midnight on 29th June and pay only 99p for delivery.

There are some fantastic offers in the current brochure which will only be available until Friday afternoon.

If you're about to go away on holiday, now is the perfect time to get some of those last minute sun creams deals, not forgetting the Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray, well known for keeping the mosquitos and other flying insects away.

Spend £10 or more in Brochure 11 and you can buy the Antler Coral Weekender for just £15, a saving of £40 on the retail price. Not only does this bag have the style and quality that you would expect from a genuine Antler product, it is also extremely practical.

It features a built in luggage sleeve so that you can hook it over the handle of your suitcase which will stop it sliding around at the airport and prevents thrives from snatching it when you're not looking. With dimensions of 49.2cm X 29.5cm X 19cm, it's the perfect size to carry onto the aircraft, and has three zipped compartments to keep the contents organised. Who would not want this bag?

This together with other great buys in Brochure 11 make it easy to spend £20 across the brochure and take advantage of the 99p delivery offer. Just quote SPENDIT at checkout and your whole order will be delivered to your door, or local parcelshop if your prefer, in 3 - 5 working days. Plenty of time for you to grab those last minute bargain and get on that plane stress free.

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