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Is Selling Avon Worth It? - How much money do you earn from Avon?

If I had a pound for every time I've heard "oh you can't make money selling Avon" I'd be a millionaire and I wouldn't be sat here writing a blog. However, I don't and I sold Avon secure in the knowledge that a person who says such a thing will still be exactly where they are today in another 5 years, 10 years and 20 years time. If you've recently signed up with Avon or are thinking about it I'm sure you have some very well meaning friends who have told you a similar story. They may not have had a bad experience themselves but their best friends, Mum's, Auntie's, Son's, Girlfriend tried Avon and failed. So in this blog I'm going to show why these well meaning friends are not helping. Not only is it possible to make money selling Avon, I did, my fiance does and most of the Avon reps I know do.

To illustrate this I will share Julian's story. My story is similar but he started with nothing. Nada! Zilch, and now Avon is his full time job...and yes I did say he. He is a bloke. There are currently 9 men amongst the Top 50 Avon reps in the UK and more joining all the time. Why not? A product is a product and makeup is always going to be in demand. Avon Cosmetics is a well established brand recognised for their quality and value for money. So perfect for the more entrepreneurial minded.

5 of the Avon Top 50 Men including Julian

I met Julian in November 2015. At the time he was working for the Local Authority caring for adults with challenging behaviour. He was graded quite highly as he was one of the departments most experienced staff. Owing to a pay freeze, however, his finances were becoming a little tight. He had no money to invest into a business but he was determined to get himself into a more stable financial position. Avon seemed perfect to him because there is no upfront cost to join and it is a well known brand that people want. So in February 2016, I signed him up to my team and set about training him. At first he started selling at work and to family and friends, but soon wanted to grow his business more. He opened his online store which Avon provide to every rep if they want to open one and started to promote this in and around the area where he worked. He got a few customers, some of whom still order every campaign online.

I allocated some territory him near to where we live so he had his own individual streets where he could post brochures and gradually he built this up so that he now has around 40 customers on those allocated streets. Each campaign the amount he earned grew. Instead of spending all his earnings, he spent some, but kept most in a separate bank account, to reinvest into his business at a future point.

In March 2017, he had around £500 saved of his Avon earnings. So, with my guidance, decided on some products to buy as stock and opened an account on Amazon. Unlike me he decided he didn't want to self dispatch these items when fulfilling an order from a buyer, so from the start he made his mind up that he would use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA is a service that Amazon provide whereby a seller sends their products to an Amazon fulfillment centre and when a buyer purchases that product, Amazon pick it from their shelves, package it and send it out to the buyer. They also handle all the after sales service. This meant that he didn't have to keep lots of stock hanging around the house, nor pay for expensive off site storage. Each time he sold something Amazon paid the proceeds to his Amazon account after taking out their fees so apart from tax and his Avon invoice (which was covered by the £500 he had saved) there was nothing further to pay. The tax element was put aside into a savings account so the money was available when the tax fell due. The remaining profit was used to buy more stock. Month on month as he reinvested his profits his sales doubled. By October 2017 he was making the same amount in profit that he was earning at his full time job. So he quit his job and has never looked back. By the end of 2017 he won the Avon Top Performers holiday to Lisbon and won it again in 2018, for Croatia. In March 2018, 11 months after starting his business on Amazon he opened a Limited Company which trades on Amazon as BeautySave Ltd and is turning over c£10,000 per month.

Earnings for the 7 days ended 6th July 2018

He still covers his Avon door to door round diligently and he has recently started to look at the Social Media side of selling Avon, after talking to some of the other Top 50 reps on the Lisbon Holiday and hearing their success stories. These guys sell through their Avon stores exclusively for Direct Delivery by Avon. They are selling as much as Julian and I, but without having to carry stock as Avon are fulfilling the orders for them. On our return from Lisbon I decided to look further into Social selling and with the help of Avon and tips picked up on Google, we have both set up business pages on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google + and Instagram. Social media selling takes time to get up and running but in the first month I personally have received orders of over £750.00 all without having to leave my house. Obviously at this stage neither of us know how far we can go with Social Media Selling but so far we are pretty impressed.

So clearly people can and do make money. Jules is living proof and so was I. I had one other rep in my team who I trained to sell on Amazon, and 2 others I trained how to sell through Social media. I also had reps who prefer to sell Avon the traditional way and I showed them how to get the most out of that too. I am not going to pretend it is easy to earn a lot. There is hard work involved but the rewards are there if a rep is prepared to graft, be patient and stay determined. Of course,I'm not going to marry all the people I sign up to join Avon and train to become top sellers. That would be wrong! but I did say yes to Julian a year or so ago and we marry this year on 29th September. So, clearly Avon can bring all kinds of benefits not just monetary one's ;-) EDIT: I left Avon in September 2019. Not because I wasn't earning money. I was, just not enough. There had been quite a few changes at Avon during the previous 2 years and it impacted on my Amazon business quite hard. In January 2019 I was wondering how I was still going to be able to afford the commitments I had entered into on the basis of the money I was earning in previous years. I needed around £200 per month to make up the shortfall, so when I heard about a company called ESSENs who were new to the UK, free to join and their kit was only £32, I jumped at the chance. It was never my intention to leave Avon. By September, I was earning well in excess of the money I had ever earned with Avon, even selling on Amazon, so when Avon offered me an ultimatum (either choose Essens or us) it was a no brainer. I chose Essens. By November I had doubled my Avon earnings. I am not saying that Avon is not a good company to work for. It is a well known brand which is a door opener. The products are good and well loved, but there are other companies out there, who's products are equally as good and who's compensation plan is far superior. Essens is one of them. If you are interested in joining Avon, click here For more information about Essens and details of how Essens could earn you a four figure income within a year, visit our website

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