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6 ways to make the most of the Avon Online Store

Whether you're new to shopping online with Avon because of the Covid19 crisis or whether you're a seasoned professional Avon Online shopper, we'd like to share with you some hints and tips about how to get the most out of the Avon Online Store.

Avon Online shopping

1. A new brochure arrives every month and your rep (if you're attached to one) should contact you to let you know it's online. Your rep will have already scoured the pages looking for the best offers and will be promoting them throughout the campaign, so my number one tip is to be guided by your rep. Any rep worth their salt will know the usual prices of the products in the brochure so will be ideally placed to advise you of the best bargains. You can follow our Facebook page where we regularly post details of offers and/or join our Facebook group where we make exclusive offers available to our very best customers. 2. Avon tend to make their best offers available to customers using the online store so if you are lucky enough to have a copy of the paper brochure, or even the digital brochure that your rep should be sending out to you at least once per campaign always compare the price in the paper brochure to the online offers. 3. Don't order on the very first day of the new campaign, unless of course you've been itching to get your hands on that brand new product. No. The reason for not ordering straight away is that Avon will make at least one online exclusive offer during the 3 weeks campaign. For example, in the past they have offered 10% if you spend X amount online and sometimes up to 20%. They also do 3 for 2's and free product giveaways. You can place an order up until the last day of the campaign, so it's worth waiting for that special offer. 4. If you are near the £20 order value level for free delivery, i.e. £17.50 or higher but not £20 then take another glance at the brochure or browse around the website and order something that will take you over the £20. Let's face it if you leave it at say £18.00, for example, you're going to be charged delivery of £3.50 so you'll be paying out £21.50 anyway. It's far better to order 1 product that you can keep or sell and get free delivery than it is to cough up the delivery fee. 5. Register for an account and tick the box saying you are happy to receive information from Avon about special offers. Avon don't clog up your inbox with marketing material but they do send out infrequent emails no more than once a week which usually tell you about the special offers that will save you money on your favourite products. 6. If you don't know how to use the Avon Online store, learn how. We've put together a video which shows you how. Subscribe to our Youtube channel where we'll be putting product demo's etc.

So that's my top 6 tips. I'm sure there are many more so if you have one of your own please pop a comment below.

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