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How can I see an Avon brochure or find an Avon representative near me during the Coronavirus pandemi

Avon brochure online

At the beginning of April 2020 Avon UK announced that they would not be printing Avon brochures for the foreseeable future owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This was a landmark decision for the company who are renowned around the world for their brochures which Avon representatives have been posting through letterboxes since 1886. The decision had left many Avon reps feeling bewildered, wondering how they are now going to showcase the much loved Avon products to their loyal customers and potential new ones. A lot of them decided it was time to hang up their Avon bags and find another company or quit direct selling altogether leaving many customers high and dry with no access to the Avon products they love.

No more Avon Brochures announcement

During the pandemic, it also left many Avon Representatives with a real problem as they still needed their Avon income but their primary tool, the Avon brochure, was simply not available.. It was time to get inventive. Avon had been hinting for some time that they would prefer Avon Cosmetics UK to become Avon Cosmetics UK Online. In an interview with CNBC on 6th January 2020, Roberto Marques, CEO of Natura (who now own Avon), stated that "Avon is evolving from what used to be the 'Ding Dong' to 'Click, Click' in a high tech way".

Fortunately, Avon had already 'evolved' some very high tech tools to help their representatives through these difficult times and certainly, a lot of Avon businesses were salvaged thanks to them. The Avon digital brochure could be sent quickly and easily via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or email and whilst customers could no longer send their orders back to their Avon distributor for delivery in person, they could browse the brochure from their smartphone, tablet or PC, choose their products and then place their order through their reps official Avon Online Shop which was changed to Avon shop with my rep in late 2020 and their order was then picked & packed at the Avon warehouse in Corby, and dispatched by courier directly to the customer's door where no contact delivery was made. This kept many Avon reps in business throughout this crisis and meant they still had a source of income as Avon pay them the same level of commission to the representative as they would receive if they were delivering to the customers themselves in person. Thankfully now, thanks to the government's massive vaccination programme and the less deadly Omicron variant giving natural immunity the pandemic is nearing its end and things are starting to get back to normal. Avon catalogues are back in print and Avon reps have been permitted to go door to door since lockdowns were lifted. But what if you were one of those customers whose Avon lady stopped and/or you don't have a representative at the moment? You may be wondering where can I buy Avon products near me or can you order Avon online without a representative? If you're UK based it doesn't really matter where you live as any representative can serve you when you shop online using the digital Avon brochure.

Of course, you would still want an Avon consultant who is reliable and will send you the online Avon brochure every time a new one comes out and who will keep you abreast of the best deals as soon as their announced. You can very easily get that if you sign up to our Newsletter and we will send the latest Avon catalog to your inbox at the beginning of every month along with highlights of the best offers in the current brochure. If you prefer an in-person rep you can get one too, but you also want someone who has been with Avon for some time as quite a lot of Avon reps don't stay the distance. So how can you guarantee you'll get a good reputable rep? Avon has an online tool called find an avon rep uk where you can perform a rep search. Simply put in your postcode and you will be presented with a list of Avon representatives in your local area. If the representative has stars beneath their name this means that customers have recommended this rep as being reliable, therefore it's a pretty safe bet that they'll continue to be so with you.

Julian Antoine, top Uk avon rep

Another good indicator is if they have a Facebook page, Group and profiles on other social media channels. If they also have their own website then Bingo! That means the rep is serious about their business and has invested time and money into making their business grow. This rep is deserving of your custom. But what if you're not tech-savvy or haven't got the internet or a smartphone? It may be time to think about bringing yourself into the 21st century and investing in one. It will make your life so much easier and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Tesco mobile for example, have budget smartphones with a small monthly fee. It includes the phone and the contract that gets you online. You won't regret it! especially as it means you'll still be able to get your favourite Avon toiletries by simply logging in at the shop with a rep Avon login screen. If you don't know how to shop online at the Avon website watch our video on our 'How to' videos page If you have enjoyed reading this please subscribe to our newsletter.

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