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50 uses for Avon bubble bath.

Instantly recognisable the Avon Bubble bath bottle is an iconic symbol of Avon known the world over and of course, it's perfect for a long bubbly soak in the tub, but did you know that there are lots of other uses for Avon bubble bath?

  1. As a bath additive that produces luxurious bubbles (obviously)

  2. For cleaning the bath after you have finished your soak, in fact, there won't be much cleaning to do as the bubbles do most of the job for you.

  3. As shower gel or body wash. The bubbles are just as effective at cleaning you when poured onto a scrunchie as they are in the bath.

  4. As a hand wash. Simply pour into an empty Avon hand wash bottle and add a tablespoon of water, give it a shake and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

  5. Use it on the stainless steel and chrome fittings. It leaves them spotlessly clean and super shiny

  6. It can be used as a shampoo in an emergency, like when you're already in the bath and realise you've run out.

  7. Use it to clean your mirrors. Give them a wipe with a damp cloth and a couple of drops of bubble bath then buff with a microfibre cloth to bring up the shine.

  8. Clean your hairbrushes and combs in a diluted solution of bubble bath and warm water. Leaves no residue.

  9. Use it to clean your makeup brushes. Pour a little neat into the palm of your hand or brush cleaner and swirl the bristles of the brush in it until all the makeup is removed. Rinse under the tap. N.B. put the bristles only under the tap. Putting the handle or the barrel of the brush under can loosen the bristles and ruin the brushes.

  10. Wipe down ceramics with a solution of the bubble bath diluted in water and they will shine like new.

  11. Use it to clean windows. Leaves them sparkling and streak-free.

  12. It's great for removing soap scum from shower screens. Use undiluted on a damp cloth and leave for a few minutes, then simply wipe away with a cloth soaked in clean warm water.

  13. Can be used as laundry detergent. Put one capful in the detergent draw, or two if clothes are really dirty. Your clothes will smell great and you won't need fabric softener.

  14. Pre-treat stains with bubble bath. Works brilliantly on grease marks.

  15. Use it to hand wash delicates. This works best with the Pure Marine fragrance. It's as gentle on your clothes as it is on your skin.

  16. Can be used to clean carpets either as a spot treatment or in carpet shampooers. Use one capful. Leaves your carpet smelling gorgeous.

  17. Use it to wipe down walls and paintwork before decorating. It leaves them clean and grease-free.

  18. Perfect for cleaning unwaxed floors. Leaves them clean and streak-free and smelling delicious.

  19. Great for cleaning TV screens and electronic equipment. Dilute one part bubble bath to 10 parts water and put in a spray bottle. Use a micro-fibre cloth and spray the cloth (not the appliance) then simply wipe over the area to be cleaned.

  20. Similarly, dampening dusters with the solution in the same way before dusting keeps the dust on the duster and stops it from flying back into the air.

  21. Use it to clean worktops and kitchen cupboards, diluted in warm water. Use your spray solution on stubborn greasy marks and leave to soak for a couple of minutes before wiping effortlessly away.

  22. Clean the inside of the fridge. Works best with citrus fragrances.

  23. The sensitive version (Pure Marine) can be used as a pet shampoo. Don't forget to add some Avon Skin So Soft dry oil to the mix to keep the coat in tip-top condition and repel fleas.

  24. Wash your ornaments with it. Brings up crystal and china to a sparkling shine.

  25. Wash your dishes with it in place of washing up liquid. It does the same job and the bubbles last til the last dish.

  26. Can be used to clean upholstery. Use a dampened cloth being careful not to soak fabric. Simply moisten, rub and blot the surface to be cleaned. Great on faux leather but on real leather only use a dampened well wrung out cloth.

  27. Perfect for cleaning shoes with synthetic uppers. (don't use on leather or suede)

  28. Great for cleaning eyeglasses. Keep a small spray bottle with a 1:10 dilution and spray when required wiping clean with a glass cloth.

  29. Use to clean the interior of your car, either 2 capfuls in a bucket or use the spray dilution. It will get your interior windows and washable surfaces sparkling clean. Can even be used on car upholstery using the same method as for household upholstery. It will leave the car smelling beautiful.

  30. Cleans jewellery. Simply soak in a solution of 1 part bubble bath to 10 parts water and then buff to a shine with a micro-fibre cloth.

  31. Perfect for cleaning granite or marble as it won't pit the surface as some other cleaners will.

  32. If you've got a ring stuck on your finger, no problem, simply pour undiluted bubble bath around the ring and it should slip off nicely.

  33. Add bicarbonate of soda one part bicarb one part neat bubble bath and mix to a paste. Great for cleaning over doors and hobs.

  34. Mixed with bicarbonate of soda it can also be used to remove stains from the inside of teacups and restore the shine on teaspoons and other cutlery.

  35. Use it for cleaning UPVC doors, sills, sofits & facia boards. Use 2 capfuls in a bucket, and use the spray solution or the paste on stubborn stains.

  36. Great for cleaning UPVC Garden furniture using the same method as above.

  37. Perfect for cleaning paint brushes after soaking in turpentine or white spirits.

  38. Can be used to clean Venetian or wooden blinds. Simply wipe with a cloth dampened in a solution of 1 part bubble bath to 10 parts water.

  39. Put a couple of drops in the toilet water before brushing and flushing. Regular use will keep your loo spotless and smelling beautiful (be careful not to use too much).

  40. Use it to clean the leaves of plants. Dilute one part bubble bath to 20 parts of water and moisten cotton wool pads in the solution before wiping. Leaves the leaves clean and shiny.

  41. Removes oil spots off driveways. Use neat, work in with a brush then simply sluice away with warm water.

  42. Moisten paper towels in a solution of 1 bubble bath to 20 parts water, fold and keep in a tub. Brilliant for using as a cheap alternative to hand or face wipes.

  43. Mix half water half bubble bath and use in your potpourri burner. It will scent the whole room.

  44. Use in the garage mixed with water to test for leaks in tires. If there's a leak it will create bubbles on the surface of the water.

  45. Pour undiluted down the kitchen sink plughole, leave to stand for 5 minutes and then flush with hot water. A capful poured down every night will keep your sink smelling fresh and clean and will help to prevent blockages from grease buildup.

  46. Use it to clean non-washable stuffed toys. Use a 1:5 solution and a microfibre cloth dampened in the solution and give the toy a good rub all over.

  47. Sanitise all surfaces in the kid's playroom using the spray solution and wipe down with a damp cloth.

  48. Have a foam party in your garden. Put some in your kid's paddling pool on a warm summer day. The kids will love it and it will clean both them and the pool.

  49. Use a couple of drops of the Juice Burst fragranced bubble bath along with some orange or lemon essential oil in your aroma diffuser. It will intensify the fragrance and stop your machine from getting an oil build-up.

  50. In an emergency it can be used as a makeup remover, It will remove lipstick, foundation and even waterproof mascara, although be careful to keep your eyes tightly closed and rinse away thoroughly. N.B. Be sure to use a moisturiser afterwards as it can be quite drying to the skin. Avon currently stocks 13 different fragrances of bubble bath and have recently added them to the Senses range, although the bottle is still the same shape and available in 2 different sizes, 500ml and 1 litre. You can choose from the old favourites White Lily or Lavender, or from the more exotic Aloha Monoi a blend of coconut & musk. For fruity fragrances go for Raspberry Delight which smells of raspberry and cassis or Simply Luxurious, white peach and vanilla orchid, or if citrus is more to your taste they now have the Juice Burst bubble bath scented with clementine and ginger. If florals are more your thing then go for Blooming Beauty*, fragranced with cherry blossom and orchid, try Jasmine Whisper, jasmine &magnolia, or the romantically named L'Amour Sunrise with rose and amber. For full-on floral choose Soothing Petals* with tiare blossom and peony that calms the senses but for real unwinding and relaxation they have even brought out a new fragrance called Calm & Unwind* with camphor and eucalyptus and for ultimate relaxation before bedtime try Goodnight Sweetheart with bergamot & vanilla. For those with sensitive skin, there is Pure Marine* which is delicately fragranced with Bamboo leaves and musk. As the bubble baths are now in the Senses range, along with the new body mists (which use to be fragrance spritz or room and linen spray) there are also matching shower gels and body mists available in the Juice Burst*, Aloha Monoi, Rasberry Delight, Calm & Unwind, Jasmine Whisper, Blooming Beauty and L'Amour Sunrise fragrances All Avon bubble baths and matching products are available to buy through our official Avon store, click here to visit or browse the latest Avon brochure click here. Avon Bubble bath can also be bought along with other Avon products on Amazon* following the recent opening of Avon's official Amazon store.


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