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Avon Goes Bricks-and-Mortar: Ding Dong, Shop's Open!

Remember "Ding dong, Avon calling!"? That iconic doorbell greeting might be a relic of the past, but Avon is making a surprising move into the present – physical stores! After decades of relying on its dedicated army of door-to-door sales reps, the beauty giant is opening stores in the UK, Brazil, and South Africa, adding a whole new chapter to its 137-year story.

Why the change? The pandemic was a wake-up call for many businesses, and Avon was no exception. While online sales surged during lockdowns, something was missing. Customers, according to Avon, yearned for the "touch and experience" factor that comes with in-person shopping. They craved the opportunity to test textures, chat with knowledgeable consultants, and discover new products in a sensory-rich environment.

But it wasn't just about nostalgia. Let's face it, the Avon brand, despite its forays into social media and becoming a brand vendor on Amazon, could feel a tad dated. Physical stores offer a chance to revamp the image and attract a new generation of beauty enthusiasts who might not have considered Avon before. Imagine a young woman, scrolling through Instagram, suddenly captivated by a captivating video showcasing Avon's latest shimmering eyeshadow palette in a cozy, inviting boutique. Intrigued, she ventures into the store, greeted by the warm aroma of signature Avon fragrances and friendly beauty experts offering personalized recommendations. This is the experience Avon envisions, a far cry from the outdated image of doorstep deliveries.

But what about the iconic reps? Fear not, loyal Avon representatives! These stores aren't meant to replace you, but rather to complement your efforts. In fact, they might even boost your business! The company plans to offer training to reps who want to run these new store franchises. Picture Sarah, a seasoned Avon rep with a loyal customer base, taking the leap to manage a local Avon boutique. She can showcase her favorite products, offer exclusive in-store promotions, and connect with customers on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community around the brand. This empowers Sarah to become more than just a salesperson; she's a beauty advisor, a confidante, and a pillar of the local community.

Avon isn't stopping there. They're also expanding their presence in Superdrug stores, a familiar haven for many beauty shoppers. This partnership gives Avon access to a wider audience and allows customers to discover their products alongside other established brands. Think of it as a chance for Avon to shine on a bigger stage, proving its quality and relevance to a broader customer base.

More than just a shop: Avon sees these stores as a hub for beauty experiences. They plan to offer workshops, events, and personalized consultations, creating a true beauty haven. Imagine attending a masterclass on the perfect smoky eye, led by a talented makeup artist, or enjoying a pampering facial consultation tailored to your unique skin needs. These interactive experiences foster deeper connections with customers, transforming a simple shopping trip into a memorable and personalized beauty adventure.

The future of Avon: This move into physical stores is a bold step for Avon. It's a chance to modernize the brand, reach new customers, and empower their sales reps. While it's too early to say how successful it will be, one thing's for sure: the Avon story is far from over. It'll be fascinating to see how this "exciting new chapter" unfolds!

But what do YOU think? Will you visit an Avon store? And for those curious about the nitty-gritty:

  • Can any rep open a store? Yes, reps can participate in pop-up events, community retail within independent stores, or apply for longer-term store franchises.

  • What are the costs? Costs vary depending on the type of retail activity. There are starter kits, toolkits, and community retail units available, with varying price points.


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