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Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream - Does it work?

Avon's latest Wow! product is about to be launched in Brochure 15 2017. It boasts a "Breakthrough in Skincare Science" and that it's "The worlds first rotational anti-wrinkle night cream". It claims "Dramatic results on wrinkles that get better over time" and that "results intensify month after month, so you see visible improvements on wrinkles from week 1 to week 52" .

They've performed a year long independent dermatologist supervised clinical study and I have to admit that judging by the photo's published in the forthcoming brochure (which they claim have not been retouched) the results are pretty impressive.

So what is it?

It comes in a jazzy double ended dispenser labelled 1 and 2. Side 1 you use for 7 days continuously and then you flip the tube and use side 2 for another 7 days and keep repeating.

Sounds easy enough but does it work? At £28 (full price) it's not cheap but it's certainly not the most expensive product on the market. Avon's opening offer is £25 with a free gift worth £38, which makes it sweeter but you would certainly want to know if it lives up to the claims. There's only one way to find out and that's to give it a go.

So here's what I've decided to do. Being a top 50 rep I can get my hands on this product early so that's exactly what I've done. I'm going to give it my own "non-clinical" trial, with no double blinds or other controls whatsoever, give it a few weeks and then share my verdict with the world. A bit like you will be doing, in your own bedroom/bathroom when you get your hands on the product in a few weeks time. Now excuse the definitely un-retouched images, but I thought the best way to test this product was to take before and after photo's. So below are the very ropy, straight from the shower, can't mistake the wrinkles BEFORE pictures and in one month I will post the after pics.

In the meantime I have some samples to give away to the first 50 people who email through the website (not Facebook) using a fully completed contact form.

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