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A very rewarding experience

What a lovely surprise was delivered to me today. Tracy our Area Manager called this morning to present me with the prize I won in the recent Avon Anew incentive for selling the most Anew products in our region. As an aficionado of Anew I was delighted to receive this product pack which had I bought this myself would have cost me over £250. It made me feel quite privileged to be part of this organisation that clearly values it's representatives, so much.

When I think about all the rewards and incentives that Avon make available to their reps it makes me realise how lucky I am that 15 years ago I chose to join Avon as a rep. Since then I've been privileged to go on 6 all expenses paid holidays, been treated to a dinner every year since joining, where there has been lots of awards and recognition, a luncheon for most of the years I've been a rep and I've won many prizes like this one. Not to mention the Love2Shop vouchers and points I have received which have paid for a new sofa, a cooker and several holidays.

The fact of the matter is that although I'm treated like I'm a special person by Avon there really isn't anything that special about me. Anyone with hard work and dedication can achieve, not only a very good income but all the rewards that comes alongside it and that is why Jules and I have moved into Sales Leadership so that we can offer this wonderful opportunity to others.

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