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Avon. The company for women...and a few good men. How men are making the Avon opportunity work for

Not so long ago whenever the Avon brochure landed on your doormat you would have expected to open your door a few days later to the famous "Avon Lady". Nowadays your just as likely to be buying your Avon products from a male Avon rep.

Currently there are 7 men amongst the top 50 UK representatives and when you look at the leader board more closely you'll see that out of the top 20 reps in the UK, 6 of them are men. So why and how has this phenomenon of men selling lipsticks come about?

A lot of men still see makeup, cosmetics and toiletries as within the female domain and even those men who are currently selling Avon would be hard pushed to tell you the difference between a day cream and a night cream. However, the challenge of making money has always had a certain appeal to the male psyche.

More and more men, therefore, are coming to the realisation that there is "gold to be found in them there Avon hills" or at least in the streets of Manchester and other cities and towns across the country where more and more men are challenging the gender stereotype of the traditional Avon "lady".

Avon are providing them with an opportunity to build a business that not only rivals those of the Avon ladies but surpasses them. Today there are more ways than ever to get the products to market. Avon offer every rep an online store, which can be shared on social media. Reps are selling on eBay, Amazon, Facebook and their own websites so it is entirely possible to sell without ever leaving home. There are reps selling on market stalls, car boots and summer/Christmas fairs. In fact ways to sell are only limited by the imagination as Avon have clearly told their reps to work it their way and men, perhaps, more-so than women have picked up the ball and ran with it.

So next time you hear that Ding Dong at your front door on Avon delivery day, don't say "oh it's the Avon lady" be equally as prepared to greet the Avon Gentleman.

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