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Taking card payments as an Avon rep

The price of card payment machines has come down a lot recently so we invested in one to help our business grow. There's a plethora of different options but the one we opted for in the end was the iZettle Go, and it's great.

For certain already we have gained one extra customer as a result of our ability to take card payments, and we've saved both time and fuel by not having to call back on our customers who have forgotten or not had time to go to the bank. There's no monthly fee for the iZettle and with a transaction fee of just 1.75% just 17.5p per £10, it's already saved us more than that in petrol costs.

It's really easy to use too. You just download the iZettle app onto your phone and make sure you have both your card machine and phone with you on your round. When you find a customer who wishes to pay by card you simply switch it on, enable the bluetooth on your smart phone and the two connect. You then just type in the amount into your phone, press pay by card and then get your customer either to touch their card to the screen for contactless or insert their card into the bottom of the machine and enter their PIN. Their payment is confirmed almost instantly. You then have the option to send a receipt by text or email. A couple of days later the money is paid into your Bank account so that it's there ready to pay Avon when your bill falls due.

Of course you don't have to be an Avon rep to have one of these machines. It would suit almost any small business that has to take payments from customers.

If you're interested int eh iZettle just follow this link and get £10 off transaction fees.

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