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St Patrick's day Irish Style

So after a lovely long weekend the weekend before last, when we all went over to Ireland for Lorraine's hen do and to celebrate St Paddy's day, it's back to the grind and it's all now a distant memory. Well unless I decide to release the video's onto Facebook and I'm wondering how much the girls would pay me to stop that happening. Only joking ;)

So that got me to thinking about how I know all these girls. Well one of them is my cousin, who I've known all my life, (strangely enough), and the others are either friends of my friends or people that I've met through Avon.

On Lorraine's hen do there were 5 Avon reps who are either currently or have previously been in the top 50 and I have met on the top 50 holiday, and 3 other reps who I know either through one of my top 50 friends or have met at various events that Avon hold throughout the year.

It's amazing that one of the side benefits of doing Avon is the people you meet. Lorraine the bride to be, actually met her fiance through Avon (follow their story here) and he is also a top 50 rep. My fiance, and co-owner of the website, is also an Avon rep (obviously) but unlike Des he was not already a rep before meeting me. There is a lot more to being an Avon rep than just selling lipsticks and you can find out more just by following this link.

So back to Paddy's day. We all got dressed up in our green finery. Unfortunately, Avon don't have a green lipstick or we could have worn that (or have they?). Click Here to keep your eye on upcoming brochures for new shades soon to be released.

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