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Can I deliver Avon during the CoronaVirus Crisis?

The short answer to this question is no. The UK Government has forbidden people to leave their homes except for very explicit reasons. These are:-

  • To shop for necessities (food and medication) and this should be done as infrequently as possible

  • To perform exercise once per day

  • For a medical need

  • To help a vulnerable person

  • To travel to and from work but only where it is not possible to work from home

Some Avon reps would argue that they could make contactless doorstep drops and ask their customers to pay by Bank transfer or Paypal, and that this would be acceptable as this is their work and it's not possible to do it from home. Avon have now issued guidelines and have advised against this but have added the caveat that as representatives are self employed they can only advise and not instruct. Clearly there is room for confusion and interpretation. However, the government instructions are quite clear in that they state travel to and from work a place of work is permissible, it does not say that visiting a multitude of homes is. But what about if Avon is your sole source of income? The government has laid out a range of measures to help the self employed, none of which are going to do anything to provide immediate financial help so many reps will be tempted to carry on regardless. However, if they were to do carry on making deliveries, then they are running the risk of being fined by the police and this could add another burden to their already overstretched finances. Not to mention endangering their own health and the health of their customers a lot of whom are elderly. So what is the alternative? All Avon reps are provided with the opportunity to open their own online store and Avon will pick, pack and dispatch a customers order direct to the customers home by courier. Online ordering and dispatch is actively encouraged by the government. So this is a viable alternative as Avon pay their reps their standard commission for all orders over £1 and delivery is free to the customer over £15. Of course not every customer embraces online ordering and under these circumstances Avon have said that a representative can place the customers order on their behalf and take payment by Bank transfer or Paypal. However, it is much better to teach the customer how to place their order through the store so they will know for future reference. Here at lipsticks2yourdoor we have produced a short video of the process so that our customers can see how simple it is and can also benefit from the great offers that Avon make available exclusively to online shoppers. We must warn you, however, that once you've tried this you may never go back. Stay safe.



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