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How much does an Avon Representative earn in the UK

In the current climate of rising prices and stagnating pay scales a lot of people are looking for additional income and Avon, a well-established household brand offer an opportunity to earn some extra cash as a side hustle, but how much do Avon reps make in the UK. That is a difficult question to answer because how much an Avon representative gets paid depends purely on how much they sell. It may be a better questions to ask 'How does an Avon rep get paid in the UK?", so let's cover that first. Avon reps get paid by selling products but unlike someone who has a job with Avon, representatives are self employed. They earn money by showing the Avon brochure to prospective customers and selling products at the published price. They then place an order with Avon and pay Avon a discounted price which is lower than the brochure price. The difference between what the customer pays the representative and what the representative pays to Avon is theirs to keep and that less expenses is what the Avon representative earns. As the amount that customers order varies from month to month so does the representatives earnings. The discount that Avon gives also varies based on sales in the previous quarter. The minimum discount is 15% of the retail price and goes all the way up to 32% depending on sales volume. From £1-£249 in sales across a quarter you will earn 15% (average sales of £83/month or lower) from £250 - £549 in sales you will earn a 20% discount (average sales of £183/month or lower) from £550 - £1299 you will earn a 25% discount (average sales of £433/month or lower)

from £1300 - £3499 you will earn a 30% discount (average sales of £1167/month or lower)

and above £3500 you will earn 32% discount (average sales above £1167/month or more) of course if you have only just joined Avon as a representative or you are thinking about joining you are probably wondering how much an Avon rep gets paid in their first few months as they will have had no sales in the previous quarter on which to base the discount. That's where the Avon Kick Start programme comes into play. New representatives earn 15% of their order value between £1 and £99 Between £100 and £249 they'll earn 20% of their order value

Between £250 and £999 they'll earn 25% of their order value

and above £1000 they'll earn 30% of their order value. Then after 3 months they'll move onto the normal earnings plan based on their sales in the first 3 months. Of course there are expenses to come out of the earnings. Brochures, stationery and petrol costs are just a few. So for a new rep who sells £200 in their first month they would earn £40 as they would receive a 20% discount. There is a digital brochure which is free and this can be sent out but most people prefer a paper brochure so let's say the representative ordered 20 brochures to begin with and she/he would need bags to put the products in, in small medium and large. Brochures are sold in packs of 5 and the price for 4 packs is £5.80 taking earnings down to £34.20. The cost of bags is 55p for small bags, 80p for medium bags and £1.15 for small bags. Each pack of bags contains 50 individual bags so will last for quite a while before they need to be replenished, so really the bags, unlike brochures, are not a regular expense expense. Nonetheless they are required initially so this would take earnings in the first month down to £31.70. Then there is the cost of petrol, unless you're on foot and this of course will vary depending on how far you have to travel to make deliveries. Obviously, if the representative sold more than £250 her earnings would go up, so lets say the representative sells £300 in her first month and everything else stays the same. She will now receive a 25% discount giving her £75. Out of that she would still need to buy her brochures and bags leaving £66.70 in earnings before petrol. In addition to earnings on sales there is also Sales Leadership. Avon Sales Leadership is open to everyone and to become a Sales Leader it is merely a matter of introducing people to Avon and getting them to join as a representative. You will then earn based on the total value of team sales. In order to qualify for commission you must place a minimum of £250 in orders yourself per month and have team sales (or network sales as Avon call it) of at least £1,000 including your own sales. You would then earn 3% of the network sales if you had at least 1 person in your team. Coaching commission goes up to 8% depending on network sales and how many people you have introduced who go onto introduce people themselves. You can then earn also from the people they have introduced what Avon call generation 2. You can earn between 1.5% and 5% of your generation 2 sales. For more information about joining Avon see our Join Avon page or to start today click below.


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