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The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Brows

Girl with perfect brows

Learn how to shape, fill, and groom your brows for a natural, flattering look.

Your brows frame your face and can completely change your look. Whether you have full, bushy brows or sparse, thin brows, there is a way to achieve the perfect brows for your face shape and features. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know to get the perfect brows, including how to shape, fill, and groom your brows using Avon products. Avon has a range of products specifically designed for creating the perfect brow.

How to Shape Your Brows

The first step to getting the perfect brows is to shape them correctly. To do this, you will need a pair of tweezers like our Rose Gold Tweezers, their slanted tip give you all the precision you need to create the perfect brow shape. And of course, you will need a brow pencil. Avon has a range of brow pencils to suit your needs. Choose from the Micro Fine Brow Pencil, our most popular brow pencil that replaced the Glimmerstick Brow Definer, and comes in 5 shades to suit any hair colour. This brow pencil has a micro-fine tip to mimic individual hairs and it's smudge-proof and budge-proof to last all day. Start by brushing your brows up with a spoolie brush. This will help you to see the natural shape of your brows. Then, use your tweezers to remove any stray hairs outside of the natural shape of your brows. You could use one of the brow pencils with a built-in spoolie for convenience. There is the Avon True Dual Ended Brow Pencil which comes with a built-in spoolie and a choice of 4 shades or for real staying power why not try the Powerstay 24-hour Brow Pen also with a built-in spoolie and micro-fine tip, available in 5 shades? or if you prefer a separate tool take a look at the Eyebrow Duo Brush which has a spoolie at one end for shaping and blending and a flat angled brush for accurate application of gel, wax brow colour, or for concealer below the brow.

How to Fill Your Brows

Once you have shaped your brows, you can fill them in to create a fuller look. To do this, use a brow pencil that is the same color as your natural brow hair. Use our Brow Sculpting Pencil a twist-up brow pencil that is great for creating bold and defined brows and comes in a choice of 3 shades. Start by filling in the gaps in your brows. Then, use the pencil to create a soft, natural line along the top of your brows. Finally, for a really chiseled look, carefully apply concealer directly under the brow to shape and highlight the brow shape.

How to Groom Your Brows

To keep your brows looking their best, you will need to groom them regularly. This includes trimming the hairs that are too long and brushing them to keep them in place. Our battery-powered Beauty Trimmer is perfect for this. You can also use a brow gel to help keep your brows in place.


Following these tips will help you to achieve the perfect brows for your face shape and features. With a little practice, you will be able to shape, fill, and groom your brows like a pro! If you've enjoyed this article subscribe to our blog and newsletter for more hints tips and special offers.


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